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Authentic Signatures of Famous Soldiers and Leaders in History
Civil War Documents
1862 Dated Ink Autograph of Confederate General Samuel Cooper
Item #: A6079
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Here is a fine war-dated autograph of Confederate General Samuel Cooper. (1798-1876). It is a fine ink clipped signature, with rank A.A.A.G., and date of March 21, 1862. Cooper graduated from West Point in 1815 and served in various units unitl 1837 when he was appointed clerk in the US War Dept. He served in the Second Seminole War (1841-42), then returned to Washington until the Mexican War. He became the army's Adjutant General in 1852. He served briefly as acting Secretary of War in 1857. During his time in Washington, he made many friends, among them, Jefferson Davis, who also served as Secretary of War as well as in his Congressional seat. Since his wife's family was from Virginia, he resigned the first week of March 1961 and volunteered to serve in the Confederate army. He was immediately commissioned as a Brigadier General. He eventually was promoted to full general, the first in that rank, making him the highest ranking officer in the Confederacy, even though six others would achieve that rank. The autograph is trimmed out of a letter and you can see that it was "returned to Major General Huger" The piece of the letter measures 3 inches by 1-1/4th inches in overall size. It is accompanied by an engraved image of cooper that was trimmed out of a book. This is a fine piece of Confederate history!

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