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Original Colonial and Continental Currency
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July 1775 Dated State of Connecticut Colonial Currency For 2 Shillings & 6 Pence
Item #: A6375
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This is an authentic piece of colonial currency from the 1700's. These early U.S. currency pieces from the colonies that would make up our states are a true piece of history. This one was issued the Connecticut colony. It is clearly dated from July 1st 1775. This one was worth the amount two shillings and six pence. Yes that's right at that time currency was still figured in English or Spanish values. On the lower left hand side it has the image of the seal of Connecticut. On the back of the note it has the attractive design in the center with the amount and the date of issuance. When you look closely you see that the note has been cut into quarters of the center. This was their way to let people know that the note had been taken out of circulation. This process was known as cancellation. On the back of the note it has the New London, Connecticut printer marking of the Timothy Green Company. The note measures approximately 3-1/2 inches by 2-3/4ths inches in overall size and is in attractive displaying circulated condition. It comes in an acid free holder for display and preservation. This is a nice authentic early piece of paper money from a colony of the soon to be United States.

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