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Glen County New York Document Raising Money for Soldier's Bounties
Item #: A6391
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Here is a very cool piece from New York. This is an original $500 Volunteer Bounty Bond Dated September 3rd 1864. During the Civil War, men were paid bounties for enlisting to serve in the military. Well the states and cities had to raise the money for those bounties somehow. This is one of the ways that they raised the money. They sold bonds. This one is from Glen, New York. This one is in beautiful shape and is issued, fully executed and bearing a fifty-cent internal revenue stamp. It is for a larger amount than typically seen and more elaborately printed with a large New York State Seal Vignette at the top. The hand written information on the back indicates that the bond was redeemed for its full $500 face plus $2.50 interest. The piece measures 7-3/4th inches by 9-3/4ths inches. What a great piece from the Excelsior state!

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