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Wonderful Large Size Civil War Bowie Knife by George Wostenholm
Item #: A6535
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This is a great knife! This is the large size sideknife that was made by the famous firm of George Wostenholm. This knife measures 12 inches in overall length with the blade making up 7-1/2 of those inches. The blade has the classic design that was so coveted during the mid-1800's. The left hand side of the blade has the proud maker's marking that reads "G. WOSTENHOLM & SONS WASHINGTON WORKS SHEFFIELD". At the center of the blade it has the bold and clear quality marking of "I * XL". On the handle side of the blade it has the banner that reads "THE REAL IXL KNIFE" over "THE HUNTERS COMPANION". At the base of the blade it has a very desirable marking. It has the image that is Zachary Taylor on horseback. On page 418 of the Bowie Knife Book by Norm Flayderman, he tells how this popular motif was used by the fine quality Sheffield knife makers from the Mexican War through the 1850's. It shows General Zachary Taylor in his uniform because of his bravery during the Mexican War he was elected President in 1850 although he only served 2 years before his death. The book notes that Wostenholm moved to the "Washington Works" in 1848 so this knife would have been made in 1848 at the earliest. The knife has the original silver crossguard intact that looks very pleasing against the original 2 panel ivory handle. What makes this knife really stand out is that it is accompanied by the original sheath. These are almost always missing in action. It has the blue tone Moroccan leather with the gold gilt border. At the top of the sheath, it has the original throat intact that is made of silver. On the side, it has the silver stud intact. This is a fierce looking weapon that has a gorgeous look!

Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
$3,650.00 USD

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