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Civil War Large Size Spring Loader Surgeon's Bleeder in the Original Case
Item #: A6540
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This is a great looking original spring-loaded Civil War surgeon's bleeder. This was designed to pierce the skin to allow for draining of wounds. Most of the ones of the period were more like pocket knives but this one cocked back and has the button on the side to release the spring to pierce the wound. This one has the blade is present with the sharp point and is still has spring but it no longer locks in place. The piece measures 4 inches from end to end. On the side of the brass it has the New York City maker marking of Bain & Binkerhoff. The maker book states that this company was in business under this name from 1852 until only 1855. SO we know that this one was made within that 3 year timeframe. The one thing that is great about this one is that it comes in the bottom half of the original case. The case is made of covered wood. This is a very fine little piece of Civil War era medical history!


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