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Authentic Civil War and Earlier Percussion Cap Boxes
Original Civil War Percussion Capbox by Storms of New York
Item #: A6547
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This is a nice authentic Civil War percussion capbox. It is the leather pouch that would have held the soldier's percussion caps for his pistol, carbine or musket. This is the style made by C.S. Storms of ' New York and is so marked on the innermost compartment flap. The closure tab and brass finial are intact and nice. It has the U.S. Ordnance Department inspector stamp on the outer flap of J.C. Miller. On the back of the box it has both of the belt loops are present. The inner flap is present as are the ears on the sides of the flap. On the innermost compartment it has had the lamb's wool removed. Soldier's often did this to make the percussion caps easier to get to. This one displays well and you can see that it actually saw service.

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