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Non-Dug Items Used by Soldiers and on the Homefront
CDV Image of Sgt. Boston Corbett "The Man Who Shot John Wilkes Booth"
Item #: A6562
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Here is a tough to find and very desirable original Civil War CDV image. It is an original image of Sergeant Boston Corbett. The world would most likely have never heard of Boston Corbett except for one day in April 1865 and a crack in the side of a barn. On April 24, 1865 Corbett was one of 26 cavalryman from the 16th New York Cavalry who were pursuing the man that had shot President Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth. They had tracked the assassin to a tobacco barn on a farm in Virginia. Those accomplice, David Herold, had surrendered and a detective named EvertonJ. Conger had started a fire to burn Booth out. Before John Wilkes Booth could exit the barn he was shot by Colt revolver wielded by Boston Corbett that he had aimed through a crack in the side of the barn. Corbett was born in England in 1832. He had had mental trouble throughout his life, even to the point that he had taken a pair of scissors and castrated himself. When the Civil War broke out he reenlisted 3 times and rose to the rank of sergeant in the 16th New York Cavalry. After shooting Booth, he was placed under arrest but Secretary of War Edwin Stanton released him saying "The rebel is dead. The patriot lives." Corbett collected his portion of the reward money for capturing Booth which was $1653.85. This was a large sum of money for the time. His actions brought him temporary fame including images such as this one. People wanted to see the man that had taken the life of Lincoln's assassin. This card is one of the early ones of Corbett. Along the bottom it reads "BOSTON CORBETT". The image shows Corbett in a seated position wearing his simple for button military style "sack" uniform with the chevrons on his sleeves A nice honest image of one of the famous figures surrounding the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.

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