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Original and Reproduction Misc. Accesories for Civil War Firearms
Original 1864 Dated Civil War Lockplate by C.B. Hoard Marked "WATERTOWN"
Item #: A7080
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This is an original lockplate for a U.S. model 1861 Civil War military rifle. This is the classic model 1861 style that was a mainstay of the Civil War soldiers during the War. This one was made by the firm owned by Charles B. Hoard. The lockplate has his maker mark which was the production location of "WATERTOWN” which stands for Watertown, New York. It also has the crystal clear production date of 1864 behind where the hammer would have gone. Hoard only made 12,800 of these guns for the government during the Civil War from 1863-1865. The internal part of the lockplate are missing in action. You get just the lockplate itself.


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