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Authentic Reunion Items From Union Civil War Veterans
Misc. Non-Excavated
Great Looking Delegate Medallion 1902 Washington, D.C. Reunion Medal of the G.A.R.
Item #: A7347
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This is a great looking piece of history from the Grand Army of the Republic. The Grand Army of the Republic or G.A.R. was the organization made up of Union Survivors of the Civil War. They held reunion and erected monuments to the men that fought for the north during the Civil War. This medal was to commemorate the 1902 reunion of the G.A.R. that was held in Washington, D.C. The top bar and ribbon are missing in action so it is just the medallion. The back of the medallion has the 1902 date as well as the notation that it was for a "DELEGATE" to the reunion. The medallion has the image of the capitol building in Washington. This was the "36th National Encampment” This is an excellent medal for any collection.

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