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Authentic Reunion Items From Confederate Civil War Veterans
Misc. Non-Excavated
Mint Condition Battleflag Pattern Confederate Veteran Reunion Flag with Pole
Item #: A7435
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Here is a cool veteran's piece! It is an original reunion flag. We found a mint condition complete pack of these flags that were to be used at a Southern Alabama reunion but never were. This is the Battleflag pattern flag that was used by the Confederates throughout the war even though it was never officially adopted. It has the Battleflag design which consists of the St. Andrews cross. St. Andrew said that he wasn't worthy of being crucified on a regular cross like his Lord so he was crucified on a "X". It is made of a muslin type material. The flag measures 18 inches by 11-3/4th inches in overall size. The flag is on the original wooden pole that measures 30 inches long. The last three pictures are of the complete pack with the wrapper. You are buying ONLY ONE of these flags fop $195.00. This is a nice Confederate veteran's piece that will definitely help decorate your relic room. '

Shipping Weight: 3 lbs
$195.00 USD

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