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Fine Looking Early Style C.S. Postage Stamp With Thomas Jefferson Image
Item #: A7442
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This is a great looking early piece of Confederate postal history! It is one of the earliest patterns of Confederate postage stamps and according to the books it was printed in 1861 and 1862. This is the one that has the image of Virginia and U.S. President Thomas Jefferson in the center. It is for the value of ten cents and is so printed along the bottom edge of the stamp. Around the image it proudly reads "CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA". The stamp is nicely printed with pale blue tone ink and the image shows well. You can tell by the lines that go across the piece that it was actually used during the Civil War since these are the remnants of the post office postmark. This is a very attractive looking authentic Confederate postage stamp and one of the tougher styles to find. '

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