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Confederate Surgeon's Document from Franklin County Virginia Dated 1864
Item #: A8291
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Here is an original Confederate document from 1864. This is a one page letter , actually 2 letters written on the same piece of paper. The front side is from the Confederate Transportation Department in Lynchburg, Virginia and is dated November 31st 1864. They are responding to a request by Dr. James Forbes requesting transport for six barrels of flour. The officer replies that he would like to help but recent orders by a General require that permission has to go through the Chief Commissary at Wythville, Virginia. The back side is Boon's Mill in Franklin County, Virginia and is dated from December 5th 1864. Dr. James A. Forbes is writing to the Chief Commissary as instructed to request the permission. As you can see below it was approved. The letter is nicely signed by Dr. Forbes.

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