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Secretary Written Letter for Confederate General Robert Toombs of Georgia
Item #: A8321
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Here is a neat piece. This is a secretarial written letter that was wirtten for Confederate General Robert Augustus Toombs (1810 - 1885). The letter was written in 1876 from Washington, D.C. to Mr. Fred Lockhart of Augusta, Georgia. The autograph says Toombs but it isn't in his hand. Toombs was born in Wilkes County, Georgia on July 2nd 1810. He entered the law and became wealthy in land and slaves. He served in state politics from Georgia and served in the U.S. Congress. He was almost chosen as the Confederate President. He was in the Confederate Congress when he was appointed the rank of Brigadier General. He resigned on March 4th 1863 after his promotion wasn't approved. He saw some service again during Sherman's Georgia Campaign. He left the country at the end of the War but returned in 1867. He never applied for a pardon so he never regained citizenship, which means he never was allowed to hold office again. Toombs died in Washington, Georgia on December 15th 1885 and is buried there. The letter measures 8 inches by 12-1/2 inches and is ready for your wall. This is a neat letter written FOR NOT BY a Confederate General.

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