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Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Model 1795 Harpers Ferry Dated 1813 With Southern Style Drum Conversion
Item #: sr25502
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This is one of the coolest guns that we have had in a long time! This is the U.S. model 1795 musket made by the famous Harpers Ferry Arsenal. It has their mark on the lockplate behind the hammer along with the "1813” date of production. In front of the hammer you can see the faint outline of the eagle stamp. When this one left the arsenal it was a flintlock. It was converted to flintlock so it could still be used. They added a drum style bolster with a country rifle style hammer. Many local gunsmiths converted guns this was and also many of the smaller southern converters during the Civil War. The mechanics of the gun catch on both positions. What makes this one stand out from the rest is the stock. Evidently the guy that was shooting it was use to a Kentucky style rifle so he trimmed down the top of the shoulderstock and added a piece to the bottom to give it a curve like a Kentucky rifle would have. It was done eons ago and as you can see it gives is a very unique look. It has the name "JOHN GOOD” carved into the new portion of wood. The barrel is full-length at 45 inches. At the breech of the barrel you can see the original inspector proof marks stamped into the metal. The gun has both of the barrel bands intact as is the original nose cap. In the channel underneath the barrel it has the hand forged ramrod that was likely the one they used back then. This is a true piece of history that was likely used during the War of 1812 and then used for decades with possible Confederate service (because of the conversion style) during the Civil War.

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