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Simply stated, Shiloh Relics is one of the world’s largest Civil War marketplaces on the web. We provide online trading exchange between the individual customer and Shiloh Relics.

Individuals – not big businesses – use Shiloh Relics to buy and sell items in the fascinating world of Civil War collecting.

Why should you buy from Shiloh Relics?

We have hundreds of authentic items in a single store.

One-of-a-kind items are locked once you place it in your shopping cart. This prevents the item from being sold again unless you place it back on the "shelf."

We provide enhanced Catalog pages listing available items for each category.

Our Customer Service page allows you to check your account history and status, change passwords, and well as ablility to veiw "YOUR COLLECTION"You have acsess to images and information on every artifact that you purchased from Shiloh Relics.

We guarantee the security and privacy of credit card information you provide when you make a purchase.

And, as a patron of Shiloh Relics, you can be assured that we make every effort to guarantee the authenticity of every item offered for sale.

But the best reason to shop with Shiloh Relics is that it is FUN! If you are looking for that rare, hard-to-find item, check us out!

Check us out and have fun shopping!