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Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Percussion Configuration Priced o
Pivoting Barrel Percussion Pistol With Over and Under Double Barrel
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These are very cool little guns! This is the pattern of pistol that were made in England. This one has the marking of the firm of "MABSON, LABRON & MABSON" along the top of the barrel. The maker book states that they were located at 25 Russell St. in Birmingham, England. They note that they were only in business from 1827 until 1833. This gun would have been made in the latter part of the business. They fire a bullet of about .48 caliber from each of the smooth bore 4 inch barrels. What is cool is how they work. When you cock the hammer back you can pivot the barrel to allow you to fire the one on the bottom. While it is on the bottom it has a guard shield coming from the frame to protect the nipple. The hammer cocks back and releases correctly. This one still has the original sliding safety behind the hammer. The side of the pistol frame have the floral and geometric designs and the hammer has the design of a serpent's head. These were made in England and you can still see the English proof marks. The original wooden grip is intact on the handle and it has an attractive look with the inlaid silver square on the top side. This is a very cool little gun.

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