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Single Shot Pistols or Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Metallic Cartridge Configuration Priced under $500
4 Inch Barrel .32 Caliber Swing-Out Rimfire Pistol Made by Allen & Wheelock of Massachusetts
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This is a neat little gun. This is the .32 caliber rimfire single shot pistol made by Allen & Wheelock of Worcester, Massachusetts. It is the version with the "ALLEN & WHEELOCK" maker marking as well as the "WORCESTER, MASS" production location on the left hand side of the barrel. It has the full-length 4 inch barrel. This is the standard length barrel that they offered on this style of gun. These little guns load in a neat way. When the hammer is on half cock position you push the barrel and it swings out to the right hand side. The action on this gun has spring and still catches on both of the positions. The spur on the hammer that strikes the cartridge is snapped off and it is priced accordingly. The 2-piece walnut grips are intact and they have a nice ancient look. On the underneath of the grip and on other parts of the gun it has the serial number of 205. According to Flayderman's there were only about 500 to 1,000 of these guns made and they were manufactured only in the early 1860's. This is a great little gun that doesn't cost a fortune.

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