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Swords Used by the Officers Priced at Over $750
Edged Weapons
Extremely Rare Civil War Telescoping Scabbard Foot Officer Saber
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This is one of the rarest Civil War swords that you'll ever get the opportunity to own. This is the very scarce Civil War foot officers sword with the telescopic scabbard. Only a very small handful of the swords were ever made in even fewer survive today. The swords were a short-lived attempt to solve the problem of the overly long scabbard of the sword once the sword has been withdrawn from the scabbard. When you remove the sword the scabbard collapses down to 16 1/2 inches in length. The shorter length can make all the difference when you're engaged in heavy combat. During the Civil War the scabbards were approved by the state of New York for use by officers amount of man but the idea did not catch on. It is reported that Elmer Ellsworth was wearing one of the scabbards when he was killed in Alexandria, Virginia. This one is a fine complete shape as you can see in the images with the blade of the sword is 30 1/2 inches in length. This is the version that was made without any etching. Along the spine of the blade it has the Arsenal markings that read "Manfre Imple de Chatterault Fbre 1859 = INfree Mdl 1855". The hand guard and pommel of the sword for each made of cast brass a very fine quality. You can see the floral patterns on each piece that the notes it being intended for foot officers. On the handle of the sword it has the original polished horn grip intact. It no longer has the double twist wire wrapping. The scabbard, up near the throat of the scabbard you can see the makers Mark of the Paris firm "Jay & Cie" stamped into the metal. On the throat of the scabbard it has the "10" stamped into the metal and one would assume that that is the serial number. This is your opportunity to own a sword that very few others will have. Don't miss this opportunity!

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