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Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Percussion Configuration Priced o
Very Ornate 1860's Single Shot Belgium Pistol With Spur Style Triggerguard
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This was one beautiful weapon when it was new! It is an original single shot percussion pistol. It fires a single bullet of about .54 caliber from the 7 inch barrel. The barrel has a very cool design where it has the very ornate engraving at the breech. At the breech of the barrel it also has the oval ' Liege style Belgium proof marks. The metal parts of the gun have the ornate engraving all of which would have been hand applied by the gunsmith. The hammer of the gun has has the large spur trimmed off long ago. It isn't easily cocked back because of this alteration but the mechanics are still very crisp. The triggerguard has the spur style design coming off of the bottom. This is similar to the LeMat revolvers that were so popular during the Civil War. The wood of this pistol is beautiful could have easily been a piece of art with the ornate engraving on the handle with the fluting. Both of the original two silver guards by the barrel attachment pin is still present. This is a lot of pistol for the price! '

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