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Single Shot Pistols or Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Metallic Cartridge Configuration Priced under $500
Pretty Brass Frame Moore Patent Teat Fire Revolver Serial Number 6,778
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This is an original Moore's Patent teat-fire cartridge revolver. This one is .32 in caliber and fired six shots from the specially designed teat-fire brass cartridges. This one has the original grips intact with a nice look to the dark wood. It has engraving on the barrel as well as the frame around the cylinder. The top of the barrel has the maker mark of "MOORE'S PATENT FIREARMS COMPANY BROOKLYN,N.Y." still visible. The action works well on all positions. It has the serial number of 6,778 under the barrel. On the breech of the cylinder you can still read a portion the "WILLIAMSON'S PATENT JANUARY 5, 1864." Marking. Most of the time this stamp is illegible but on this one you can read part of the marking on this one. The original hinged swivel gate that lowered for loading the gun is present on the side. These are a very unique little gun from the Civil War era. They were made from 1864 to 1870. The ads for this pattern of gun are often seen on the 1864 & 1865 editions of the Harpers Weekly newspapers. This is a very nice Civil War Moore teat fire revolver.

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