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Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Percussion Configuration Priced o
Nicely Restored Self-Cocking Savage Patent .36 Caliber Revolver
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This has always been one of my favorite Civil War revolvers. It is the .36 caliber revolver made by the firm of Savage Firearms of Middletown, Connecticut. On the top of the frame it has the nicely stamped maker's mark as well as the 1856, 1859 and 1860 patent dates. You often see these revolvers listed as double action but they are actually a self cocking revolver. When you pull the ring trigger on the bottom back it cocks the gun as well as advancing the cylinder to the next position. Then the small trigger at the top actually fires the gun. The action works on this one just as it should. This is a nice thing with these Savage revolvers because most of the time the action is messed up because both triggers have been pulled at once. This one has a darker gray and blue surface to the metal all over. All of the metal parts have been cleaned and toned and now it looks nice. The walnut grips on the handle are superbly made modern replacements as you can see in the pictures. This is an attractive displaying gun with one of the Civil War's most unique designs that is still affordable.

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