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Confederate Excavated State Buttons
Very Scarce Dug Cuff Size CS Made North Carolina State Seal Button
Item #: L4282

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Here is one that you very seldom see offered for sale. It is the rare cuff size version of this button. This is a very nice looking original excavated Confederate made Civil War cuff button for the state of North Carolina. It has the famous North Carolina state seal on the face of the button with the "NORTH CAROLINA” across the top edge. The great seal of North Carolina depicts the female figures, Liberty and Plenty. Liberty is holding a liberty pole with her right hand and in her left is a scroll inscribed "Constitution". Plenty grasps a cornucopia with her left hand and wheat with her right hand. The face of this has a nice untouched patina with the figures being clearly visible on the face. These were well made buttons made in the Confederacy for use by the North Carolina troops. The reverse of the button has the original back and shank nicely intact. This is one of the better variations that they made. It was made without a maker mark and production location in the channel of the back but it does have the single star in the channel. Authorities say this is the mark of the firm of Wildt & Klein of Columbus, South Carolina. This is the pattern listed as figure NC8 in Albert’s button book and NC210Cs1 in Tice’s button book. The verbal history that accompanied the button is that it was recovered years ago in a Confederate campsite in Fredericksburg, Virginia. This button shows fine Confederate workmanship and will be a solid addition to any Confederate button collection.

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$395.00 USD

Very Scarce Excavated Mississippi Cavalry Button FromShiloh
Item #: A329

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This is an original excavated Civil War cuff size uniform button from the state of Mississippi. This one has the likeness of the famous star in the center with the "C” in the middle for cavalry. Around the edge of the face it has the proud large letters that spell out " MISSISSIPPI”. It still retains a fine amount of the original gold gilding in the center of the "C” and around a few of the letters. These cavalry buttons are the toughest to find of the Mississippi letter buttons. The original back is present and the shank is solid as a rock. On the back of the button you can see the New Orleans retailer mark of the firm of Hyde & Goodrich. This is a rare original Civil War Mississippi Cavalry cuff button. This piece was accompanied by verbal history that it was excavated years ago on private property on the retreat route out of Shiloh. It is a great looking cuff size Mississippi cavalry button.


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