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Original Civil War Era Carte-de-Visite Images of Union Brevet Generals With Names Starting A-K
CDV Image of Battle of Vicksburg Medal of Honor Winner Dennis Kirby
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This is an authentic CDV image of Medal of Honor Winner Dennis Kirby. Kirby served during the Civil War with the 8th Missouri Infantry. He also saw service with the 27th Missouri Infantry and on the staff of Major General Frank P. Blair Jr. He received his Medal of Honor for the fierce fighting at Vicksburg. The Vicksburg campaign was waged from March 29 to July 4, 1863. It included battles in west-central Mississippi at Port Gibson, Raymond, Jackson, Champion Hill, Big Black River and numerous smaller battle fields. On the morning of May 22, General Grant launched what he hoped would be a crushing assault against Vicksburg. In the fighting that followed, the Union Infantry was repulsed and thrown back along a three-mile front. The Union Army suffered more than 3,000 casualties, and 97 Union soldiers earned Medals of Honor (the second largest single-day total in history.) When the color bearer was killed, Major Dennis Kirby rushed forward, recovered the colors, and bore them himself in the assault. Following the failed assault on May 22, a forty-seven day siege was laid against the city, which finally surrendered to Union forces on July 4. He was awarded the honorary rank of Brevet Brigadier General on March 13th 1865 for "gallant and meritorious services during the war." The image shows Kirby in his fine double-breasted frockcoat. The CDV images were made by applying a thin paper photo image of the famous person of the day to a heavier paper card. This made the image more durable and easier to display and also added uniformity to the size. The overall size of a CDV image is approximately 2.5 inches by 4 inches in size. The back of the card has the famous Mathew Brady studio. You have a fantastic image of this brave union Brevet General who was a Medal of Honor recipient. It is a fine original CDV that will make a solid addition to any Civil War collection.

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