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Non-Dug artifacts From The Civil War Era
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AMAZING! Original Fragment From The Flag Taken Down by Elmer Ellsworth
Item #: A1065
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Here is one of the most historic pieces we have even been able to offer. It is an original small section of the Confederate flag that flew over the Marshall House Inn that was located in Alexandria, Virginia. What is special about that is that on May 24th 1861, a young Union Colonel, Elmer Ellsworth, decided that he would take down that flag. The flag was visible from the White House and was a very visible signal of the desire for rebellion. President Abraham Lincoln sent Ellsworth to take down the flag. After he took the flag down he was headed down the stairs, the owner of the house, James W. Jackson, who was a strong supporter of secession shot Ellsworth in the chest with a shotgun. Ellsworth died from the blast. He was friends with President Lincoln so his body laid in state at the White House in the East Room. He is regarded as the First Union officer to die during the Civil War. His name and legend became a rally point for the Union cause. The flag was described as a "Very Large Flag" some of the flag was taken as souvenirs by people who realized the importance of the death of Ellsworth. This small piece of cotton from that flag measures 1-3/4ths inches by 1 inch in overall size. The flag fragment is pinned to a piece of reed paper that has beautiful ancient blue ink. The ink reads "A piece of the Rebel Flag in the possession of Col Ellsworth when shot by Jackson in Alexandria Va. May 24th 1861." This piece comes beautifully displayed in an 8 by 12 inch riker box along with a label as well as a modern Xerox image of a depiction of Ellsworth holding the flag. This is cooler than cool!

Shipping Weight: 2 lbs
$2,500.00 USD

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