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Original Casting Molds for Producing Lead Bullets
Very Rare "HALL'S RIFLE" Marked Bullet Mold in Fine Shape
Item #: A2048
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Here is a bullet mold that you very seldom get a chance to own. This is the original iron bullet mold that was designed to be used with the famous Hall's Patent military rifle. The Hall rifle holds a special place in US firearms history. They were the first longarm acquired by the Government that used completely interchangeable parts. There were 19,680 of them made at Harpers Ferry from 1817 until 1840. These molds are easily distinguished because of the "HALL'S RIFLE" marking on one of the legs. The two legs are held together with a copper pin. They have the bevels on the legs that were to be used as scissors for trimming off the sprue on the top of the bullet. It casts a single round ball of .52 caliber. This one is in beautiful condition and would still cats a bullet today. Don't' miss this rare piece of history.

Shipping Weight: 0.8 lb
$650.00 USD

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