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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Fantastic 1860 Version of Virginia Manufactory Cavalry Saber
Item #: A4010
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What a great piece of Virginia history! This is the sword that collectors refer to as the Virginia Manufactory sword. These were initially made by the state of Virginia so they wouldn't have to rely on the North or foreign markets for weapons. They were initially produced in the early part of the 1800’s. They have a very distinctive iron guard and backstrap. It has the massively long blade that measures 35 inches in overall length. The blade has double Fuller's on each side of the long sweeping blade as you can see in the pictures. The sword is completely unmarked. The iron hand guard has the beautiful classic lines of the Virginia made cavalry saber. The backstrap is still present and holding the parts together. The backstrap is the rounded style that lets us know this is the 3rd model of cavalry saber made by Virginia. What makes this one special is the type of alteration that the sword went through. As originally made these swords were carried on an over the shoulder crossbelt with frog attachment. By 1860, cross belts had been largely replaced by sword belts equipped with hangers, whenever possible. As a consequence, Virginia contracted with James T. Ames of Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts in 1860 to have the blades of 1000 Third Model Virginia cavalry swords slimmed to a light cavalry sword and re-sheathed in a custom made iron scabbard with brass mounts. Fortunately Ames was prompt and had the swords finished and returned to Virginia prior to the blockade cutting off commerce between the two countries. At the outbreak of the War, swords of any kind were in short supply and high demand. Many of the early Civil War cavalry units went to war unarmed. These finely finished Third Model swords were issued to the earliest Virginia Cavalry Regiments. The grip of the sword is in wonderful untouched condition and as you can see it displays quite well. The leather has an ancient look all over and it has the entire single strand brass wire remaining. The sword is accompanied by the original scabbard. Because of the size and curve these scabbards rarely survive. This one is in very nice shape. It has the original throat intact. It has both of the brass mounts and rings intact and they are in superb condition. On the other end of the scabbard it has the reinforcing drag intact as well. This is a wonderful 1860 altered State of Virginia Cavalry saber in the original scabbard.


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