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Authentic Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates From The Civil War
Original Civil War Confederate Louisiana Pelican Belt & Buckle
Item #: A4253
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Here is a cool looking original Civil War made soldiers belt buckle. This is the highly sought after version that was worn by a Confederate soldier from the state of Louisiana. The face of the buckle has the distinctive and proud great seal of the state of Louisiana which depicts the mother pelican feeding her young. The spread wing pelican sits in the nest with the baby pelicans and around their image it has the stars and wreath encircling them. The buckle is made using the stamped brass face that has been lead filled to make it more durable. Then they used solder to apply the attachment hooks that are also made of brass. As you can see the buckle has all three of the original attachment hooks intact. When it was recovered it was bent across the middle and has been straightened. This is the style of buckle that is illustrated as plate number 282 in the revised edition of the book entitled Confederate Belt Buckles And Plates by Steve Mullinax. They state that it is believed that these buckles were manufactured in New Orleans until the city fell in the union hands in April 1862. The history accompanying the buckle is that it was found in Culpeper, Virginia. It isn't often that you see these Louisiana belt buckles for sale.

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