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Authentic Civil War Artillery Shells & Cannonballs
Confederate General Ripley's Report for Mortar Battery #2 on Fort Moultrie
Item #: A5309
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Here is a very cool early Confederate documents. This is a letter from Robert Sabine Ripley when he held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Ripley graduated from West Point in 1843 and was brevetted twice for his service in the Mexican War. During the Civil War, he served as a Confederate lieutenant colonel with South Carolina forces, occupying both Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter after its evacuation by Major Robert Anderson in 1861. He was later appointed brigadier general and was charged with coastal defense. Later, he was transferred to field command in Virginia, leading forces at Sharpsburg, where he was wounded in the neck. This is a 1 page letter written from "Head Quarters Fort Moultrie." and is dated March 31, 1861. The letter is addressed to Colonel Edward Manigault, Chief of Ordance. Here, Ripley reports the need to get heavier handspikes for Mortar Battery No. 2, as they are needed for the heavy 10-inch mortars. This is a perfect letter showing the way that the Confederates updated the forts around Charleston at the outbreak of the war to make them more secure. The document measures 9-1/2 inches by 7-3/4th inches in overall size. It comes with a typed transcript of the letter. The edges of the paper have been museum archivally reinforced to protect them. This is an amazing glimpse into the moments that started the Civil War.

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