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Original Revolvers From The Colt Firearms Company Priced Over $1,500
Cased Long Barrel 1865 Production Colt .36 Caliber Fluted Cylinder Revolver
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Here is a beautiful original Colt .36 caliber Civil War production revolver. It is an original model 1862 pattern .36 caliber Colt. They have been nicknamed the "police" model by collectors but they were more often used outside of the law enforcement area, many of which were used by the military. This one has serial numbers of 31,874 except for the barrel wedge which is the original but has no number. Occasionally this would happen with guns from Colt. These serial numbers let us know that the gun would have been made in the latter part of 1865. The metal parts have has a nice dark color with some of the original finish from the factory. There is bluing remaining on the barrel and cylinder along with the traces of the case colors on the frame and loading lever. This original finish gives it a very pleasing look all over. It has the distinctive fluted sides to the cylinder. The barrel is the version that is 6-1/2 inches in barrel length. This is the most desirable length for one of this pattern revolvers. Across the top of the barrel it has the clear Colt maker's mark and New York City location. These guns were manufactured at the factory in Hartford, Connecticut with the sales office being located in New York City .The action of the revolver is functional on all positions. This one has the original 1-piece walnut grips intact on the handle of the gun and they have a nice dark appearance to the walnut wood. The walnut has a fine amount of the original factory varnish finish on each side. The gun come encased in an original factory casing. The gun is accompanied by the Eley Brothers percussion cap tin. It also has the Colt's Patent marked patriotic powder flask with the eagle design. It has some of the original lead bullets in the side compartment. The bullet mold is the Colt's Patent marked one that has the ".36 P" marking that designates it being made for the Police model. There is an empty pack that would have held the cartridges for the gun at one time. You get all of the accessories int he case and gun for the price of $3,950. This is a very pleasing looking .36 caliber Colt model 1862 revolver with 1865 production date serial numbers.

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