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Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Percussion Configuration Priced o
Scarce Cased "Root" Pattern of Whitney .28 Caliber Revolver with Accessories
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Here is a gun that you don't encounter that often these days. This is an original 28 caliber Whitney "New Model" revolver. You often hear these referred to as the "root" model Whitney. They get this nickname because they are very closely design to the model 1855 Colt "root" revolver. The major difference is that on the Whitney the hammer functions the the center of the frame and on the Colt the hammer strikes on the side of the frame. This one has the full-length 3 1/2 inch octagonal barrel and on the top it boldly reads"E. WHITNEY NEW HAVEN". As you see, the barrel still has a fine amount of the original bluing from the factory. This is for the Eli Whitney firm of New Haven, Connecticut. In Flayderman's guide he states that they made less than 2000 of these revolvers in only made them from 1860 until 1867. This one has matching serial numbers of 1,151 on the major parts. The action of the gun still functions on all positions. On the grips of the gun it still retains the original two piece Walnut wood grips and they have a very pleasing eye appeal. This is a gun that is much rare than its Colt counterpart and is less expensive. The gun comes in the original walnut wood casing. Inside the case it has the powder flask, bullet mold, percussion cap tin and a couple of round bullets. The case has the attractive dark maroon lining intact with a pleasing look. Don't miss this little jewel!

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