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UPDATE! Thank to all of you for your support. Because of that support I am proud to say that we have raised enough for the technology to make Anthony's life better. I plan on leaving this page up for a while with the option for donation still open. All money donated will go to the betterment of Anthony's care and help. Thank you again.

I need your help.

I have a very good friend that helped me in the shop several years ago, Anthony "Tank" Meeks from Shiloh, Tennessee. He is only in his mid-40's and is struggling with Lou Gehrig's Disease. Tank has had a love of history, especially the Civil War since he was a child. He has fought his disease bravely as anyone I have ever known. For the last few years he has been confined to bed and his main contact with the outside world has been through his computer. The only thing that is failing him is his body as his mind is sharp as a tack. He can no longer type with his hands and his current system worked with being able to lead the computer mouse by facial expressions. He is losing the ability to do that.

There is a new technology that will allow him to communicate with the computer though his eye retinas. The only problem is that the software and set up is about $6,000. I wish I was financially able to buy it myself but I just can't afford to do it myself. They have set up a website for donations for his help. He is one of the people that the government has cut out of the majority of his medical help and is having to pay for medicines and a lot of his care care out of his own pocket. Those funds ran out long ago.

For every $1.00 that you guys can donate I will donate 50 cents to match it up to the cost of the software.

I realize that times are hard for so many people and if you can't I completely understand. If you can give even a few dollars that would be great. Below is the link to the donations site for Tank. Under the amount it has a section for the intent of the gift. Please put "SHILOH" in the "ENTER FUND NAME" as this way the will know what it is for and that way I'll know how much to match it with.

I would not ask you guys but he is a person that if you had the chance to meet, you would call him a friend.

The Donation link is: http://tankmeeks.com/donate/

Thank you guys so much. I appreciate your help.