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Original Military Medals
Authentic German Artifacts From The World War 2 Era
3 Position Ribbon Bar WW2 Nazi Medal Bar with Iron Cross, Red Cross & Hindenburg
Item #: v7365
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This is an original small size medal ribbon bar from the Nazi Third Reich. This would have been worn on the breast of a German uniform from the 2nd World War. They had the fancy medal bars for parade dress and then this pattern of ribbon bar for regular uniform wear. This particular ribbon bar has three medals. The first is the German "Iron Cross" medal for valiant service. The second is the one that shows that he served during the 1st world war and this one is called the "Hindenburg cross". The last medal is the one that is for service in the Red Cross. On the reverse of the piece it has the original pin style attachment bar intact. This one is heavily worn and stained, but is priced accordingly. The medal ribbon bar is a nice display piece for the price.

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