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Swords Used by the Cavalry Branch of Service
Authentic Artifacts from the Revolutionary War Era thru About 1840
Scarce Early Pattern War of 1812 Starr Cavalry Saber
Item #: A3253
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Here is a sword you don't see offered very often these days. This is the style of cavalry saber manufactured by the firm of Nathan Starr. We know it is one of the earlier manufactured versions because the blade is made without having a fuller on either side. As you can see the blade is full-length with the clip point to the end. The blade and sword have a pleasing gray color all over. At the base of the blade you have the maker's Mark of the Starr company as well as the "HHP" inspector's initials. These are the initials of Henry H. Perkin who approved the sword for military use. This sword would have been part of the order that was placed with Starr on his March 14, 1812 contract for the government. According to Peterson's sword book Starr had only completed 1000 of the swords before the government changed the requirements of the styling of the hand guard.The hand guard is made of iron and as you can see has a very pleasing look all over with the "P" inspector mark on the bow. The handle of the sword is missing the original leather on top of the wooden core. This is a scarce sword that has a heck of a lot of character.

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