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Authentic German Artifacts From The World War 2 Era
Very Attractive Osang Made Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge
Item #: A4335
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This is a cool piece! This is the style award worn by a member of the Luftwaffe, or German Air Force. It is the version that shows the flying eagle with the swastika in her talons with the wreath around the edge. Below the eagle, it has the cloud with the striking lighting bolt. As you can see it displays well with the original backing is intact and is in fine shape. It has the original attachment prong intact and you can still see the desirable maker marking of G.H. Osang. In late 1941 the first Luftwaffe ground combat units were hastily formed to help replace the massive lose of men on the Eastern front, followed by the formation of the Brigade Meindl consisting of five Luftwaffe Field Battalions in February 1942. As a result of the formation of these new ground combat units Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring established the Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge on March 31ST 1942, for award to all Luftwaffe personnel who had distinguished themselves in ground combat. Certain criteria had to be met for award of the badge with the main criteria being three separate ground combat actions. Of Note: Since the Luftwaffe had excess personnel on September 17TH 1942 Göring announced the formation of new Luftwaffe field divisions also to replace the massive lose of men on the Eastern front. Due to the lack of training and poor performance in the field, of the twenty-two divisions formed, seventeen were either destroyed or disbanded before the end of the war. On introduction of the Ground Combat Badge, Luftwaffe personnel who had been awarded the Infantry, Panzer or General Assault badges previously, were required to exchange them for this badge. Prior to the introduction of this Ground Combat Badge, Flak personnel who had utilized their Flak guns against land or sea based targets three times were awarded the Flak War Badge. These personnel also exchanged their Flak War Badge for the Ground Combat Badge. As with other flyer’s specialty badges a cloth version of the Observer’s Badge was authorized for wear on the flight blouse with a machine embroidered pattern for EM/NCO’s and a hand embroidered pattern for Officer’s. It was to be worn on the left breast of the uniform of the soldier. What a great piece of history!

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