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Original Civil War Era Carte-de-Visite Images of Union Generals
Misc. Non-Excavated
Engraving CDV of Union General & Later New York Governor John A. Dix
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This is a nice image of Union General John A. Dix. The signature is on a check from the New York State Bank and is dated from Albany on January 7th 1838. Dix fought in the war of 1812 at the young age of 14. He held several important offices until the outbreak of the Civil War including serving in the U.S. Senate from 1845 until 1849. Dix is well known for a telegram that he sent to the Treasury at New Orleans while he was Secretary of the treasury under President James Buchanan. Civil War was expected and he told the man at New Orleans that "If anyone attempts to haul down the American Flag, shoot him on the spot." Lincoln Commissioned Dix as a Major General in May of 1861. He was 63 years of age and many considered him as too old for field service so he performed garrison duties. He was important for his contributions to put down the New York City draft riots in 1863. After the Civil War he served as a minister to France and then in 1872 he was elected Governor of the state of New York. This is one of the engraving style CDV images that were done of the famous personalities of the Civil War. It shows the stately Dix in his uniform. It comes in an acid free holder for display and preservation.

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