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Photographic Images - Gutta Percha Cases
1/4th Plate Gutta Percha Case with "Sir Roger deCoverly & the Gypsies" Image
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This is an original gutta percha image case. This is the one that is designed to hold 2 images. It still has the maker's marking from A.P. Critchlow as well as the 1856 and 1857 patent dates on the paper label. This one is the size known to collectors as the quarter plate image. This means that the image measures approximately 4.25 inches by 3.25 inches in size. On the sides of the case it has the design that is known as case #29, 'Sir Roger De Coverly and the Gypsies,' in Union Cases by Krainik, Krainik, and Walvoord. This is case # 1-37, Roger De Coverly and the Gypsies Fortune,' in Nineteenth Century Photographic Cases and Wall Frames by Paul Berg. Quarter plate. Sir Roger de Coverley, fictional character, devised by Joseph Addison, who portrayed him as the ostensible author of papers and letters that were published in Addison and Richard Steele's influential periodical The Spectator. As imagined by Addison, Sir Roger was a baronet of Worcestershire and was meant to represent a typical landed country gentleman. He was also a member of the fictitious Spectator Club, and the de Coverley writings included entertaining vignettes of early 18th-century English life that were often considered The Spectator's best feature. As for the case itself, there is a chunk missing on the corner of one of the front edges. Inside it has the 2 daguerreotype images with three people in each side. It displays quite well and the current images can be easily removed if you want to replace them with your images. This is a great case for your collection. '

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