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Authentic Cartridge Boxes
Authentic American Artifacts From The Indian War to Spanish American War Timeframe
Experimental U.S. Model 1912 Cavalry Mills Patent Belt Rig
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Here is a tough to find piece! This is the The Model of 1912 Cartridge Belt. These were designed to be used with the 1903 Springfield 30 caliber rifle. This rig was part of a complete set of cavalry accouterments that were designed and approved by the Cavalry Equipment Board at Rock Island Arsenal in 1912. The belt was produced under contract by Mills and is clearly marked with a black ink stamp, inside the forward most ammunition pocket flap APRIL / MILLS / 1917", with the "MILLS" name inside of the design of a cartridge. It has the same marking inside the next cartridge pack. All of the pouches are present. What makes this one so special is that it has the ring and snap strap on the side. This included a long, adjustable leather strap with a snap hook that was designed to secure to the triggerguard of the rifle. A large steel ring with a leather liner was attached to the belt at the about the left kidney position, which was designed to fold out 90-degrees, perpendicular to the horseman’s body, through which the muzzle of the rifle was supposed to ride. The butt of the gun was supposed to ride in a boot, suspended from the left rear of the saddle, which was also part of the new "system”. While this contraption made sure the rifle and the soldier remained attached to each other at all times, it was an incredible awkward way to carry a rifle. This is a weird system that they quickly ended so they didn't make many to start with and very few of them survive today. This one is a beauty!

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