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Excavated Civil War Confederate State Uniform Buttons
Fine NC15 Excavated Confederate Made "Sunburst" North Carolina Coat Button
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This is a nice looking original Confederate made button for the state of North Carolina. This is the style referred to by collectors as the "Sunburst" because of the rays coming out from the center of the button. The center has the letters "NC". These buttons were designed with just a simple shank soldered onto the back which came off very easily. This is the version listed as NC15 in Albert's button book and as MC242 in Tice's button book. This one's shank is gone as is so often the case with these. This button was found years ago in North Carolina in an area occupied by the Confederate after the battle of Bentonville. Bentonville was one of the last battles of the Civil War. Confederate General Joe Johnston made one last stand against Union General William T. Sherman. This is a fine looking button all the way around.

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