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Authentic Reunion Items From Union Civil War Veterans
Misc. Non-Excavated
Great Looking 1915 National G.A.R. Representative Badge from Washington, D.C.
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This is a fine piece of history from a Civil War veteran. It is an original reunion medal of a member of the Grand Army of the Republic. This was the veteran's organization of the Union veterans of the Civil War. In order to become a member of the organization you had to prove that you served honorably for the United States during the war. This is the medal that the veteran would have gotten for attending the 1915 reunion that was held at Washington, D.C. and is so marked on the bottom medallion. It has the original golden ribbon intact on the back but the attachment pin is missing in action. Hanging from the beautiful spread wing eagle top bar it has the American flag with "GAR" and "REPRESENTATIVE". This lets us know it was actually worn by a veteran not just a spectator. The lowest medallion has the image of the U.S. Capitol building and the Washington Monument with "WASHINGTON" around the top edge. The back of the lower medallion has the image of the famous "Grand Review" of the troops that was held in Washington after the Civil War ended. The middle medallion states that it was the 49th annual National Reunion of the G.A.R. It is in excellent displaying shape all the way around. This one is very nice and will enhance any collection.

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