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SHILOH UNIT! 18th Missouri Infantry Identified Civil War Foot Officer's Sword
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This is a rough sword with a cool history! This is an original Civil War foot officer sword. This is the classic style that was carried by the line officer's of the Civil War. The30 inch blade has the original etching that is still partially visible on the darker colored blade. The sides of the blade have the patriotic and floral designs still visible. On the back side of the blade you can still see the "US" marking. On the handle of the sword it has the original wooden core remaining. There is only the very faintest trace of the sharkskin grip up near the pommel cap. The original wire wrapping is lost to the ages but it still displays quite well. The brass hand guard and pommel cap are present with a great untouched look to the brass. What makes this one so special is the jeweler quality inscription on the inside of the handguard. It reads "G.W. Wyckoff 18th Mo. Vol.". The records show that George W. Wyckoff enlisted as a Captain in the 18th Missouri Infantry on November 14th 1861. He served with the regiment until he mustered out on November 13th 1864. During that time the regiment saw service in some fierce fighting. On the find-a-grave website, it has his biography. It states that he was wounded at the Battle of Shiloh and taken prisoner. He served 6 months in a Confederate Prison camp. Xerox copies of the records will accompany the sword. The scabbard is missing as you can see. This is a great looking original Civil War foot officer sword with a rock solid identification

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