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Authentic Artillery Implements of the Civil War Era
Scarce Original Civil War Wooden Artillery Gunner's Quadrant
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Here is a tough to find piece of Civil War artilleryman's equipment. It is an original gunner's quadrant. Here is a description of what this piece is from the National Park Service's very helpful website at :
The gunner's quadrant (fig. 46), invented by Tartaglia about 1545, was an aiming device so basic that its principle is still in use today. The instrument looked like a carpenter's square, with a quarter-circle connecting the two arms. From the angle of the square dangled a plumb bob. The gunner laid the long arm of the quadrant in the bore of the gun, and the line of the bob against the graduated quarter-circle showed the gun's angle of elevation.
This one is in very nice shape and as you can see it displays well. It measures 23-3/4ths inches by 7-5/8ths inches at the widest points. The circular portion still has the numbers visible and it is nice enough it could be used today. The string and the original plum bob are missing from the inside the original brass door that concealed and protected the plum bob. It is priced accordingly. This is a tough to find original piece of Civil War artillery.

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