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Original Revolvers From The Colt Firearms Company Priced Over $1,500
London Marked 1854 Production Cased .31 Caliber Colt Revolver with Accessories
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This is a cool gun! It is an original .31 caliber Colt revolver. These revolvers of this model are known to collectors as the "pocket" model since they were of good size but a lot smaller than their Dragoon size contemporary Colt revolver. Across the top of the full-length 5 inch barrel it has the famous Colt maker's mark. These Colt model 1849 revolvers has a total production of 330,000. This is one of the few that were sold to Colt's English market. We know it is an English gun because of London marking along the top of the barrel. They only made these guns for four years with these markings and they only made approximately 11,000 of these. This is a very small number compared to the 330,000 total production of the model 1849. This gun has the multiple English proof marks on the parts. This one has matching production serial numbers of 1,293 on the parts. According to the Colt book this number would have been made in 1854 which was only the second year of production. This one has a pleasing dark color all over and it still retains a small amount of the original case color and bluing in the protected areas. As you can see, the top section of the loading lever above the clip is chipped off an has been for eons. This one has the beautiful brass backstrap and triggerguard. On the brass you see a beautiful amount of the original factory silver. The action works crisply on all positions. You can still see about 30 to 40% of the stagecoach scene on the cylinder. On the handle of the gun it has the original 1-piece walnut grips intact with a superb amount of the original varnish remaining. This beautiful gun comes in the original case. These cases are easy to spot because of the way the nipple wrench tool stands up in the case wall divider. This one also has the iron bullet mold as well as a nice powder flask and the cleaning rod. It also has the fine Eley Brothers labeled tin of percussion caps. One thing that makes the box stand out is that it has the original paper instruction label on the top of the inside lid of the box. Most of the time these labels are missing but this one is still in nice shape. The box itself measures 11-1/2 inches by 5-3/4th inches and stands 2-1/2 inches tall. This is a fine displaying set that anyone would appreciate! '

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