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Multi-Shot Revolvers in the Percussion Configuration Priced o
PERCUSSION & PINFIRE! Cased Revolver Designed under Jongen Patent
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This is a VERY COOL SET! This is an original 11mm caliber revolver. It has the full-length 6-3/8ths inch barrel. The barrel has the assembly numbers of 9,924 with the assembly numbers of 1,073. It still has some traces of the original Blued finish. The metal has the engraving on the cylinders as well as on the frame, triggerguard and grip. The original 2-piece ebony panel saw handled grip. The matching assembly number 1073 on right of barrel web and rear face of both cylinder. Along the right barrel web just in front of the cylinder it is also marked "JONGEN FRERES BREVETE" and the assembly number. The gun is a double-action, 6-shot revolver and has an amazing design! It was designed with interchangable cylinders that would fire in percussion and pinfire cylinders. When you raise the lever on the front of the frame, the barrel raises to change the cylinders. It is designed with the sliding safety on left front of barrel web that engages the cylinder mouth, preventing cylinder rotation. Jongen patented this hinged frame in 1863 and 1864. The gun comes in the original factory casing. It is a fine looking pebble grained leather covered wood case with dark blue velvet French fit interior. The casing includes a very fine lacquered copper powder flask, a fine blued combination single-cavity bullet mold, cone wrench and loading tool, an ebony cleaning rod with brass jag and grip, an ebony turn screw and a paper LePage marked cap container. The key for the casing is present as well. This is a wonderful Jongen Freres cased set. They worked in Liege, Belgium between 1856 only until 1873. This set has LOTS of cool!

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