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Beautiful 1820's Bell Crown Style Military Hat by James Boyd Made in 1827
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This is a beautiful display piece! It is an original military hat from the 1820's. This is the pattern that is known as the "Bell Crown" military hat that was popular in the 1820's and early 1830's. They get this name because of the bell-like flair at the top of the body of the hat. On the back of the hat you notice that it has the downward "peak" this is a trait of it being the earlier production of the bell crown hat. This is called a "Widow's peak" by collectors. On the front of the hat it has the original leather brim intact. The top of the brim bill is black and the underside is a pale green color. It has the 1821 pattern Union eagle on the front. It also has the silvered tassel draped around the top of the hat. This tassel is from the period but not original to this hat. This fine restoration is mentioned for exactness. The hat has the chinstrap with the silver scales applied to the leather. Each side has the silver circular discs with the Union eagle in the center. The spread sing eagle has the branch of peace in one talon and the arrows of war in the other. When you turn the hat over you are greeted by the majority of the original sweat band. On the top of the hat it has the original paper label from the maker that reads "JAMES BOYD / Saddler, / Military Cap, Trunk, / & Harness Maker, / NO. 32 & 34 Merchants Row / Boston" . The notation of the "34" address lets us date the hat to an exact year. The maker book states that he was only located at the "34" address in 1827. He moved to "27" Merchants Row in 1828. What a neat thing about an already cool hat! This is a beautiful original military hat that is almost 200 years old and displays well from all angles.

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