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Authentic Confederate Manufactured or Used Swords and Firearms of the Civil War
Rare New Orleans Hyde & Goodrich Marked Civil War Webley-Bentley Revolver
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What a cool looking gun with a great marking! This is a very interesting Civil War English pattern revolver. People often refer to these guns as a Webley-Bentley. These guns have the Webley pattern "wedge" frame and are designed using a Bentley style double action (self-cocking) lock work. This one is made in .445 caliber which is known in English terms as being a 54 Bore revolver. Most were made by Birmingham makers, like this one. We know this because of the Birmingham style proof marks that are still visible under the barrel and traces can be seen on the back of the cylinders. If you notice, this gun is produced without a maker marking but it has one of the most desirable retailers markings that you could hope for. Across the top of the full-length 5 inch barrel it proudly reads "HYDE & GOODRICH 15 CHARTRES ST. NEW ORLEANS". These show up with some that are marked and some are unmarked but only a few are found with the desirable Southern retailer markings. This is the famous New Orleans, Louisiana firm of Hyde & Goodrich. This well-known Crescent City retailer went into business as early as 1816.They sold all types of high end materials until the business was dissolved in July of 1861. They are best known for their backmarks showing up on Southern used Civil War buttons including those from Texas, Mississippi and of course Louisiana. They also sold swords and high-end weapons. Their retailer markings show up on Deringer pistols and imported guns as well. These guns were made from the mid-1850s to the mid-1860s. These Webley-Bentley revolvers were the cheaper alternatives to their Adams and Tranter revolver competition of the day. It has the original loading lever on the left hand side of the barrel. The mechanics of the gun are designed as a self cocking style double action. This one works and rotates but the return spring isn't pushing the trigger back forward so it has to be done manually. The gun has the original 2-piece dark wood grips with the factory checkering. This piece of history came from the museum like personal collection of Mathew Woodburn. This is a cool looking gun that hat the wonderful Hyde & Goodrich retailer marking.

Item #: B1637
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